Pay With GasBuddy Premium

Save 20¢/Gal

+24hr roadside assistance

Only $6.99/mo*

Why join Premium?

Fuel Savings

20¢/gal on your first 40 gallons each month. 5¢/gal after that.

Fuel Savings

Roadside Assistance

24-hour coverage provided by Allstate, up to 3 events per year.

Roadside Assistance

The best value for roadside assistance. Ever.

Here's the gas-math: Pump 40 gallons each month and save $8 per month, or $96 per year.
That more than covers the $69* to join. So, you're effectively getting roadside assistance for free.


Fuel Savings
Flat Tires
Jump Starts
Fuel Delivery
Lockout Service


10 miles


5 miles

One card. Thousands of stations nationwide.

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Try Pay with GasBuddy risk free and save 5¢/gal.

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Pay With GasBuddy Q&A

For the Pay with GasBuddy paid membership offers, Terms and Conditions apply.

Full discount applies to up to 40 gallons per month, and 5¢ per gallon after that. Premium membership is $6.99 per month when billed monthly, or $69 per year when billed annually. Membership renews automatically. You can cancel anytime. No refunds for partial years.