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GasBuddy was always my go-to for pricing; now it’s my go-to for pricing and discounts... the GasBuddy card is right at the top of my pile (of cards). It’s the first thing I see, the first thing I want to use.
Skip R.
New Jersey

I love the ease of paying with a card that is accepted everywhere. I love the discount using the card. Also I love tracking my expense and savings via the app.
Gerardo M.

The experience mirrors the way I usually pay AND I save some $$ !
Lisa C.
New York

It's a no brainer way to save at the pump without having to jump through all the hoops that other point programs have. And I can use the card at any station I want. No more hunting for the right place, just grab my GasBuddy card and go!
Bernice W.

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Save up to $340 annually when you combine Pay with GasBuddy with the GasBuddy app.**

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